Community Initiatives

Signs Of Hope Campaign

Signs with encouraging sayings that are universal truths that we can all unite around. We can all agree on these… and the power of unity is huge.

Don’t give up. Your Life Matters. There is Hope. Your story is still being written. You’re not alone.

One common thread that experts agree on is that people who end their lives, or attempt to, get caught in a negative cycle of thought and cannot pull themselves out. Our hope is that an unexpected sign of hope would begin a positive spark that could be a game changer for that person on any given day. Together we have declared there is hope and you are not alone. We’ve placed signs on our city streets, local parks, schools and businesses

Community Information cards

Adding to the signs is the hope of connecting people to services. We formatted our community information and first responder cards that include crisis line phone numbers, medical and mental health providers as well as area churches who can help the hurting find the services they need.

Walks and Talks

Develop walks and talks in the community where people can connect by walking and talking. it is recognized by mental health providers that getting out and walking in the fresh air and engaging in meaningful conversation with others can contribute to our overall mental health. This was especially true for Sheryl as she walked out her tragedy. Her community literally came and walked her through her journey of grief. This doesn’t have to be an organized effort. This is something anyone can start doing. Make it a point to get outside to enjoy our many parks and the beautiful outdoors. Put down your cell phones and just talk with the people you care about.