Community Initiatives


Signs Of Hope Campaign

  Signs with encouraging messages of hope that are universal truths that we can all unite around. The power of unity is massive and we all need these reminders. Never give up. Your Life Matters. There is always Hope. Your story is still being written. You’re not alone.

A couple of the reasons the Our City Cares signs of hope campaign has been successful are

  • The signs interrupt a negative cycle of thought, with a positive message of hope and it gives a person an action to do: call or text for help.
  • Each message of hope dispels a lie that people in turmoil tend to believe

The power of an unexpected message of hope is powerful. Together, we declare there is hope and you are not alone. The Signs of Hope are placed on our city streets, local parks, schools, and businesses.

Community Care Cards

Community Care Cards – include community-specific crisis-line phone numbers, medical and mental health providers, as well as area churches that can help the hurting find the services and support they need.

Walks and Talks

Developing walks and talks in the community where people connect. Mental health providers agree that getting outside, walking in the fresh air, and engaging in meaningful conversation with others can contribute to our overall mental health. This doesn’t have to be an organized effort, but Our City Cares is working with local venues, such as Why Racing, to promote healthy minds and physical fitness. This is something anyone can start doing. Make it a point to get outside to enjoy our many parks and the beautiful outdoors. Put down your cell phones, be present, and talk with the people you care about.

Our City Cares Will You?

Are you part of a club or organization that wants to address the crisis of suicide in our culture? In this Key Note Presentation for Our City Cares Founder Sheryl will

  • Raise Awareness-Dispelling three lies that people in turmoil tend to believe
  • Recognize the Crisis and the Causes of suicide in our culture
  • Receive HOPE on how we can heal and help others in crisis.
  • Raise Funds and Help for OCC

Sheryl presents with authenticity, humor, and impact the challenges before us and ways you can be a part of the Our City Cares mission and movement to unite city governments, schools, churches, nonprofits, and individuals to combat the tragedy of suicide. If you are a part of one of the entities above. We look forward to hearing from you…