Faith Initiatives

Let Hope Arise Crusade and Resource Fair

The Let Hope Arise event features a resource fair where local ministries, businesses, and nonprofits are invited to come and exhibit their services to help inform and unite people to ministries, services, and businesses that can help them. The purpose is to unite churches and services and encourage people of faith in a one-day celebratory event. We highlight scripture, song, and local people’s stories of how they’ve overcome loss or trauma. Who doesn’t love a comeback story? The encouragement of these stories is just what so many need to hear! Our spiritual health plays a part in our mental health and strong churches build strong communities. There is a loneliness epidemic in our culture and our churches weekly programs help people connect and provide free support around the challenges and seasons of life. Youth, young adults, marriage and parenting groups, grief support, addiction support, and divorce recovery to name several.

Walking Through Tragedy With Victory

Walking through Tragedy with Victory is a 10-week interactive bible study This study is also a by-product of our healing journey. Together, my son Dan and I put in workbook format nine biblical principles of walking victoriously through tragedy or trauma. Part of being healthy is realizing how trauma or suffering is often used as a springboard to create meaningful and powerful change in our world. Nearly all non-profit groups that I am aware of spring from someone’s tragedy. Changing our mindset of how we see suffering can bring needed change to whole communities. Tragedy does have a redeeming value in uniting us and helping us see needed services in our communities. Our story isn’t over, our journey has just begun.