Faith Initiatives

Care and Resources

We at Our City Cares know that life is hard. There are always individuals that want to help, and for those seeking spiritual support, we have put together a list of churches that have partnered on providing spiritual guidance and to sit with you in these hard times. They are committed to providing and connecting you to valuable care, even in the most dire situations. On our Care Cards, included within our kits, we provide a list of church partners throughout the SW Washington communities.

If you are church who would like to partner in this cause and be listed on our Care Cards, please email: Info@ourcitycares.org

Walking Through Tragedy With Victory

When tragedy strikes, we question everything. Tragedy shakes the foundation of our world and beliefs. Sheryl and her son, Dan, wrote this book to encourage those in the midst of tragedy. Drawn from their personal loss and the following meditation on Scripture, it offers nine principles that deeply encouraged them. Grief never ends, it only gets easier. With this study guide you will explore, engage, and examine each of the nine principles of Walking Through Tragedy with Victory. A part of healing is processing and realizing how trauma or suffering is often used as a springboard to create meaningful and powerful change in our world. Nearly all non-profit organizations spring from someone’s experience of trauma or tragedy. Tragedy does have a redeeming value in uniting us and helping us see needed services in our communities. Our story isn’t over, our journey has just begun.

You may pick up your own copy of the book, Walking Through Tragedy with Victory, at local stores or Amazon