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#1: Email this Message to 3 Friends


I just found this website of people trying to encourage others not to commit suicide, and to help those who are grieving suicide. Check it out. It’s

#2: Join Our Next Thunderclap

Thunderclap is like crowd funding, but for social media. Instead of donating your dollars to a cause, you can donate your voice, through your social media profiles.

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#3: Become a Walk Host

Our walks don’t work without great people like you to host them. People in grief or crisis deeply need the personal experience of being with other people. Even if you don’t have any conversation, just not being alone is healing.

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#4: Become a Local Campaign Coordinator

Our community information cards are not very helpful without accurate information. That information also needs to point people to places that really are willing to help, and really know how to help. Being a Local Campaign Coordinator includes contacting each healthcare provider and church to confirm their willingness to be part of the campaign.

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#5: Check out Our Store

We are not trying to make money (We’re not a nonprofit yet, but we’re working on it). We just want to spread hope, help, and healing. Our products help to achieve that.

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