Hope Ambassadors

Hope Ambassadors are a key component to the success of our Signs of Hope campaign

Hope Ambassadors Commitment 

Thank you again for being a shining light of hope in your community. What we share, what we declare, and what we dwell on matters. Together, we can help the hurting see they are not alone and there are people who care and want to help. We can dissolve the myths and perception people in turmoil tend to believe and, in the end, make a significant difference in stopping and reducing suicides in our communities. Our Hope Ambassadors are the heart of our movement. Each ambassador uses their own creativity, contacts, and skills to spread a message of hope that is powerful and reaches their community. Below are our recommendations to get you started!

Sign and Banner Placement

Make sure signs are placed around your school and main roads leading on to the school. This is a City-wide campaign. The schools play a key role in displaying the signs. So they should be in visible places for both students, neighbors, and the general public. Our business partners have made generous contributions to supply the signs it could be easy for them to get lost in offices or inside the schools, you help us make sure they are placed and maintained.

Sign and Banner Maintenance

Keep an eye on the signs and banners that you place. If they get blown down or damaged, remove them. We want to be responsible in our communities.

Community Cards and Tokens of Hope

Make sure the Community Cards are available in the counseling offices and made known to the public. They are there to help the hurting find the help they need.

Throughout the campaign, OCC will provide some posters, cards, and other tokens of hope. Have fun in thinking of ways you’ll distribute them.

Creativity and Communication

Be creative about highlighting the message of the month, in school news announcements, and social media, are just a few ideas. A couple of art classes have taken on painting Hope Rocks and distributing them on their campuses. This is a great idea and an example of their creativity.

Collect Feedback and Crowd Source New Ideas

Collect stories of how the signs and their messages have been helpful or meaning full. Post or send them to OCC. This will aid us as we continue to grow our support for the campaigns.

Towards the end of each year, we hope to have a Hope message contest that will give us ideas for next year’s signs.

Tools For SW Washington Region Hope Ambassadors

Each SW Washington school district below is participating and has it’s own Community Care Card and fundraising page to help you spread messages of hope.

Click the button below to download Signs of Hope to use in your emails, print, and for social media.

Camas School District

Washougal School District

Out of Area

Our City Cares is currently expanding into other areas. One of the ways we are doing this is to provide starter kits using the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Go to our store page to find more details.