The Mission: Unite Communities to Combat Suicide


Suicide is both an individual choice and a community problem.

The key is uniting a community’s voice to speak hope !

Our City Cares Campaigns exist to unite businesses, churches, non-profits, city governments, and schools to combat the tragedy of suicide. The sheer magnitude of this problem is too big for any one entity to combat. By uniting together we can and must make a difference.

The campaigns consist of five initiatives, three community based, and two faith-based.

When someone dies by suicide whole communities are impacted. The key is uniting a community voice to speak louder than the individual’s pain.  Suicide does not end the suffering of one, rather it transfers and multiplies it to the survivors left behind. Our hope is that we will encourage the hurting and send a clear message that suicide is not the right answer.

A tragedy with an unparalleled ripple effect occurs when someone makes the choice to take their own life. The pain and heartache it leaves behind devastates and breaks the hearts and crushes the spirits of families and friends.  Whole communities of people are left with complicated grief and haunting questions. It sends a subtle hopeless message that spreads through communities like ripples in a pond.  It’s often unnoticed until another makes the same tragic choice.

We believe that by uniting communities to communicate a clear message against the lies that people in turmoil believe, we can change the ripple effect. Their life does matter, they are not alone, our mistakes don’t define us.